So you are looking to cut cost in your business…

So you are looking to cut cost in your business and decided to not take the advice of your Copier Service provider and upgrade the copier or (mfp) to a new Commercial machine and you went out to Staples or a box store and purchased a cheap $400.00 MFP to do the job of your commercial machine for a whole lot less right? You say it looks the same,smells the same taste the same right? same speed and… foot print??

I will show you how you are wrong and in the end you will be paying more for the machine you just bought at staples and guarantee that the machine will fail and when it does fail,you will be inconvenienced by having to take that machine BACK to the box store or worst yet,having to go back out to Staples and buying another one,bringing it home,unloading it and setting it up once again to save what? Now your office is out of production because the salesman told you to get rid of all your office machines and to just print to one MFP. Tell me honestly,you are the owner of a company,your focus is on expanding your business,do you really want to deal with copiers and office equipment??

OK,back to the mistake you made by buying the NON commercial box store MPF,did you know that the toner yield is 1/4 of what you would get out of a commercial toner?

Did you know that you will be paying twice as much for toner?

Did you know that the consumables in the box store machines will fail much earlier?

what is the definition of consumables?

1) Drums
2) Toner
3) Fuser rollers
4) Feed rollers
5) developers

Why do you think the box stores are selling the machine for $400.00 vs a Commercial machine with the same footprint $1200.00?

Oh,did I mention that you will get 7 years out of the Commercial Box? and that every time you have a service call on the NON Commercial machine ,you will have to make a decision if it is worth it or should I just go out and get another one (more wasted time and more down time) to save what???

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