HP Laser Jet Printers On Long Island

Our refurbished Hp Laser jet printers are selling like hot cakes!! As I described from the very beginning of this,we use all Genuine parts in the refurbish process. Unlike 95% of the Competition who will try to convince you that after market parts are the same as genuine parts.Trust me,after 25 years in business I can honestly tell you that there is a difference. All refurbished printers get stripped down to the frame,gets the vital gear packs changed and a OEM HP maintenance kit installed,we also load the latest firmware in the machine. Our refurbished printers come with a 1 year guarantee.I also encourage using OEM toner for the printers I sell but that risk is up to you and yes,OEM Toner is better than aftermarket toner,don’t let anyone fool you to think differently. I am not just a salesman or owner,I have been a technician for 25 years and have seen them all.Come see our refurbish HP printer page on our website www.pjdbusinessmachines.com

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