You finally sharpened your pencil? $$$$$

So so fell for the box store trick and thought you would save money by buying a “cheaper machine” from Staples rather than your local Copier dealer? So you are finding out that it is costing you twice as much for toner and supplies? You also severed you relationship with the local dealer you have been using for years?

Its alright, we all make mistakes, plus box stores like Staples have invested a ton of money in marketing strategies to lure you in and making this decision.

Now you are ready to get to business? are you tired of buying supplies? are you tired of bringing back machines that break down?

So lets start a new page, I have telling you about fiscal office policies from day one, I am not a “snake oil salesman” I am just looking out for your best interest.Unfortunately you have learned the hard way and the money lost can not be returned but you can stop the bleeding now.

  Its time to step back into reality and purchase a commercial copier/MFP and put an end to the high cost per copy that you have been dealing with.

PJD Business Machines, a Long Island Copier and Sales Company would like to have you as a customer, we will give you honest and hassle free advice on your next purchase. We will talk on the phone with you or sit down in person with you and evaluate your office and your needs, we will then suggest the best options for you and your company. The copier/MFP World has changed rapidly and much is needed to go over, especially scanning and color scans and printing. Give us a call and Phil, Peter or George will explain thing to you. Get re-connect to your local Copier company and remember, its the service anfter the sale that counts!!



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