I tried to give you solid advice but you did not listen and now….

I went out on an estimate in late January on a HP 4200n, great machine, it just needed a fuser unit, remember, this is the model machine by HP that was their Flagship printer. I have them the cost for a new OEM fuser unit (after markets fusers are garbage) and they said they would get back to me. After a few months I kind of thought they went elsewhere to have it repaired or went out and purchased a new one from Staples or another big box store…

I tried to explain to them when I gave them a free estimate that this machine was well worth the money investment and that HP certainly are not making printers the way they use to. I got a call from them yesterday, they want to have the work done. get this now… They went out and bought a new printer from the box store and they were eating up more toner then they ever imagined and the machine was not as good as their older HP 4200!! Why did they have to go down that road, waste $400.00 on a printer, time loss going to and from store plus setting up time just to find out that they were better off keeping the older HP Printer going as Phil from PJD Business Machines wisely suggested.

Now, the customer gave me the go ahead to do a complete maintenance kit on this machine so they can get another 5 plus years!!

My advice to you as a customer will be the best advise anyone can give you and that is a fact!! and as always folks, beware of the snake oil salesman!!!


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