A 63 Month copy machine lease!

A 63- month copier lease?

Today I went out on a machine proposal at a church in Nassau County and could not believe what I saw.

The copier dealer they’re using is trying to lock them up for 63 months!

Talk about a snake-oil salesman, 63 -months!

Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Customers are just signing leases and not thinking.

I have been writing blogs for over 20 years on how to avoid being a trap to the snake-oil salesman, and I can not believe it is still occurring today.

Folks, when you are leasing a new copy machine, never do a lease more than 3- years.

*Technology is constantly changing, and copy machines are improving with better, more advanced features.

*Security levels are also changing in copy machines, like strict scanning protocols when documents are scan to email, or corporate to servers.

*What happens if you do not like your current copy machine?

What if you want something bigger or downsize into something smaller?

  • Do you realize how costly it is to get out of a copier lease? If you try to end a lease early, you will pay dearly for doing this with penalty’s above and beyond the remaining months to pay off .

*Do you realize that the first three years is the best performance out of a copy machine? 

When it comes to today s copy machines, after 3-years is when performance and efficiency in any copy machine starts to reduce, and scheduled PM services are required and in return, more downtime for you office.

 *What happens if the dealer goes out of business or their service is terrible?

*What happens if you are not happy with the leasing company and want to switch?

The answer to all of these questions is nothing. The lessee cannot do a thing until the lease ends.

Is it clear now why a three year copy machine lease is to the customers advantage?

In the end, the copy machine salesman is selling you the monthly payment and the cheaper the monthly payment, the better their proposal looks but its all on the back-end of the lease, it looks good upfront but you are paying for it in the “rear”, the sake-oil salesman know that by the 4th year of a lease, 80% of the customers are begging them to get out of it and will be paying dearly.

Also a note in leasing contracts:

The dealer has a right to increase your monthly lease payment by 10-15%! Its in B&W, take a look at your current lease, many large dealers will do this.

If your copier salesman hands you a five year copy lease, send him/her packing.

If you speak with our sales, we will put you into the perfect lease with the best choice in copiers for your office.


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