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A 63 Month copy machine lease!

October 17, 2022

A 63- month copier lease?

Today I went out on a machine proposal at a church in Nassau County and could not believe what I saw.

The copier dealer they’re using is trying to lock them up for 63 months!

Talk about a snake-oil salesman, 63 -months!

Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Customers are just signing leases and not thinking.

I have been writing blogs for over 20 years on how to avoid being a trap to the snake-oil salesman, and I can not believe it is still occurring today.

Folks, when you are leasing a new copy machine, never do a lease more than 3- years.

*Technology is constantly changing, and copy machines are improving with better, more advanced features.

*Security levels are also changing in copy machines, like strict scanning protocols when documents are scan to email, or corporate to servers.

*What happens if you do not like your current copy machine?

What if you want something bigger or downsize into something smaller?

  • Do you realize how costly it is to get out of a copier lease? If you try to end a lease early, you will pay dearly for doing this with penalty’s above and beyond the remaining months to pay off .

*Do you realize that the first three years is the best performance out of a copy machine? 

When it comes to today s copy machines, after 3-years is when performance and efficiency in any copy machine starts to reduce, and scheduled PM services are required and in return, more downtime for you office.

 *What happens if the dealer goes out of business or their service is terrible?

*What happens if you are not happy with the leasing company and want to switch?

The answer to all of these questions is nothing. The lessee cannot do a thing until the lease ends.

Is it clear now why a three year copy machine lease is to the customers advantage?

In the end, the copy machine salesman is selling you the monthly payment and the cheaper the monthly payment, the better their proposal looks but its all on the back-end of the lease, it looks good upfront but you are paying for it in the “rear”, the sake-oil salesman know that by the 4th year of a lease, 80% of the customers are begging them to get out of it and will be paying dearly.

Also a note in leasing contracts:

The dealer has a right to increase your monthly lease payment by 10-15%! Its in B&W, take a look at your current lease, many large dealers will do this.

If your copier salesman hands you a five year copy lease, send him/her packing.

If you speak with our sales, we will put you into the perfect lease with the best choice in copiers for your office.

“After the sale its the service”

May 7, 2021

We have been providing sales & service to customers for more than 27 years, we are a Long Island base copier dealer.

We service Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens & Brooklyn.

What separates us from the rest is our service, any company could sell an office copier, but it is the service that counts the most after the sale. 

PJD Business Machines provides after hour & weekend service to cater to those business putting in long hours.

Most service calls have a 1 to 3 hour response time. We focus on longterm customers, we have customers over 27 years! Our prices are fair, our service is superb. 

We sell Copystar & Kyocera copiers and that is the only brand we do. By only selling & servicing just two, our customers are guaranteed supplies and parts are readily available.

This gives us a tremendous edge over competitors who sell and service a dozen different manufactures. 

If a service provider sells & services a dozen brands, how well could they be trained in service? how well stocked in vital parts could be?

This is why PJD has limited to just the two brands, Kyocera & Copystar which are actually one manufacturer. 

Copier leases and what to stay away from

December 8, 2018

We have covered in the past on several occasions how leasing a copier for more than 3 years has no benefits to you the lessee and it is clearly a benefit for the salesman/saleswoman.

Recently I struck a nerve on a sales director, he was angered that I am blogging & giving away their dishonest trade secrets from the dark side. There is no hiding it, copier salesmen are in it for one thing $$$$. Any doubt? try to call them after the sale and see how long it takes for them to call you back. I have been in this business for over 30 years, I have seen some real snakes, I mean, I am from New York and here… I have the opportunity to see dishonest salesman at work. I am not saying all are dishonest but I will let you try the figure out what percentage are not.

Anyway, back to the snake oil, I mean sales director………

He debated me on how leases are configured and mentioned the only way he sets up leases and the only “honest way” is to have a lease payment for the machine only and then to bill per click on a separate bill. So, the way his company sets up leases is, you the lessee will get two bills each month instead of just one.

Now here are the real reasons salesmen set up leases this way.

  1. When you lease a machine for 5 years (you should never do this) and they lease just the copier to you separate from clicks, it is very easy for that salesman to do an early update. You see, first the snakes lock you in for 5 years (you cant get out of a lease) then he has a great opportunity to update you early because the residuals are nothing after 5 years! And trust me, as a veteran tech of 30 years and a business owner for 26 years, the way they’re making machines now from A to Z, you will want to do an early update. Did you understand that? this is the biggest reason they do this.

2. By keeping the copier and the service separate, the salesmen will be able to    closely monitor your clicks, every print job you send, every copy job do generates clicks. Copier companies invest in expensive software to monitor your clicks $$. Salesmen get a piece of this if they’re overages involved and overages are very common.

These two reasons are the only reasons why the snake oil salesman lock you into this type of lease arrangement.

Now you know yet another tip on leasing copiers that you will not hear or read anywhere else. Why? because copier salesmen & copier companies are not going to tell you things that will cost a revenue loss. ie its taking profits off their plate.

Happy Holidays from all of us here



Copier salesman/ snake oil salesmen

April 12, 2017

A customer of mine decided to go with a Canon copier, the salesman (snake oil salesman) told them that Kyocera/Copystar was a foreign company and was made outside the USA, hello! Canon is not a USA born company and also makes most if not all parts overseas! Now this customer has to deal with changing drums every 35k copies! instead of the long yields of a Kyocera of 400k!

This customer calls me in and wants me to help them out now. Why do people have to find things out the hard way? My company is the most honest upfront copier dealer on Long Island, we are here for you but this decision they made, this will cost them dearly. Canon is NOT all what it is made out to be.

Happy Holidays From PJD Business Machines

December 24, 2016


Copier leases and how the salesman traps then screws you:

August 16, 2016
Copier leases and how the salesman traps then screws you:

Copier leases and how the salesman traps then screws you:

August 17, 2012

Copier leases and how the salesman traps then screws you:

Watch out for the low lease bids, salesman will purposely give you a low bid to beat out competitors then hit you with overages that will make your hair stand up. Deal with a honest company that talks straight with no hidden fees. Visit us on the web and talk to Peter or Phil and get the best deal on office equipment. Long Islands Copier Service Company

August 16, 2016

Copy Machine Rentals On Long Island

November 6, 2014

Long Island’s Copier Rental Company

We Rent Copiers For One Day or For As Many Days As You Need It! We offer 24/7, two Hour Response Time On All Our Rentals. We Specialize In Short Term Rentals 


Long Island’s Copier Rental Company

We Rent Copiers For One Day or For As Many Days As You Need It! We offer 24/7, two Hour Response Time On All Our Rentals. We Specialize In Short Term Rentals 
We stride at being Long Islands best copier rental equipment company,we focus on Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island. We can rent you a small desk top copier (20 cpm) to a large Industrial copier 105 (cpm). You will be greeted by very friendly courteous employees from the Sales to the  delivery and to the repair (if ever needed). PJD Business Machine have been in business selling and servicing Long Island for more than 20 years. An Independently owned and family operated Company located in Seaford Nassau County Long Island.
Are you an out of state company and are you planning an event here on Long Island? Call PJD Business Machine today and get your free quote on what ever your needs may be, we can provide you with just a copier or an entire office!
We rent copiers, fax machines,laser printers, scanners, shredders and we can even have an on site technician if an emergency meeting happens, we are an honest Copier company and will only sell you what you need.
We Are Long Islands Copier Rental Company,Who Else Can You Call In One Day Notice, To Rent A 50 Page A Minute Copier And Have It Delivered The Same Day?
Rent this 50 cpm printer/copier for $300.00 a month!! service included!!
As you can see,we can rent you anything from a tabletop copier to a 105 cpm floor model machine.
Nassau County Copier Rentals, Sharp, Copystar, Canon, Kyocera, Hewlett Packard
Professional courteous service is our business, we take special care in moving copiers in and around your office, you can count on us for perfection every time!
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When a Copier Salesman Get Desperate, they Turn Into Snake Oil Salesman

May 24, 2014

Long Island Copier Sales



Where do I begin?

Today I have witnessed a Copier company that is supposedly a manufacture direct here in New York City area who tried to do a bait & switch on a company. This lying bum proposed a Copystar 5500i and then drew up a lease for a copystar cs520i!

Yea ok, just one digit off…. As I read through the proposal, there was many things that just did not jive. I will repeat, this is coming from a company, a large company that is directly associated to the manufacture, I will not reveal names at all, I wont go there, I just want to let YOU know about the “snake oil salesman”.

Who am I? well, one thing I am not is just a copier salesman. Oh, but I have over 25 years in this business, technician/owner/sales/book keeper, yea, I do a lot but my focus is…

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A Tip to know when leasing a copier

May 22, 2014

I updated some very important things here, see #8 A&B

Copier Service On Long Island

A Tip to know when leasing a copier

October 19, 2012

I just want everyone to know this and it does not matter which company you choose to lease a copier from, when you are quoted a monthly lease payment, it does NOT include sales tax! The leasing company factors this in at your local States tax rate. Also, most of the time an application one time fee is charged. I am upfront with my customers or potential customers and let them know full well before they sign the lease.

so if you did not know this, here are a few tips when leasing you should know:

1) You will be taxed so when you see the monthly lease price/ quote, it does not include you local sales tax.

2) You will be paying a one time application fee to the leasing company.

3) At 60 days prior to lease end…

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