Copy / print overages still a big concern!!

March 8, 2014


As competition gets more aggressive and as the business world goes more and more into paperless, the snake oil copier salesman gets more desperate.

We have discussed overages in the past, in fact not to long ago, but I feel it is important to reiterate this. I went out on two proposals this week alone that the customers was fed up with the overages. When I go out on a call like this I play detective, I am not just another salesman in a three piece suit looking to score his next vacation on your dime, I am a master technician of more than 26 years, I also have a very good personality and am honest and trustworthy.

I will visit your site, I will physically go to your copier/printer and print out the usage counters and sit down with you and show you what you do as far as copying and printing, we will discuss your future copying/printing and then, I will be able to pinpoint an accurate calculation of your yearly/monthly clicks. I am so confident in my system that we will if you go over it,we WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR IT!.

No other company in this Country will make this bold statement! I know the business well and am confident of my numbers. Call us today for a free quote, we are Long Islands Copier Company, we can take your business to the next level and save you money.

Now this is the trick that the snake oil salesmans do NOT want you to find out !  I have mentioned it at least two times in prior blogs and I ran across it twice this week alone!

With competition this fierce in a stagnant economy, at least in New York, Long Island it is….  The salesman will do everything and anything to make a sale, he/she wants to go on vacation badly and his wife is due for a new Lexis ;-), they are purposely going in and under estimating your volume!, this in return will give you a lower lease/contract price, they do not do this to everyone, just the ones who do significant volume. After you sign the lease or the contract that clearly says OVERAGES ARE TO BE BILLED AT .0125, that’s it, you signed and are bind to that! This in return can be thousands of dollars a year!, not hundreds but thousands!  

Some readers have said to me in the past, “aren’t you a little harsh on the copier salesman”, I am not saying all salesman are snake oil salesman, not at all, but I have seen a lot in action, every week when we go out on calls we hear the horror stories and I am sick of it, I am sick of dishonest people ruining the business, I do not like corruption and I see it in the copier sales business.

Bottom line here folks, if you are getting bills for overages and it is happening more then once and you know nothing unusual has happened to reflect an increase like this, then you need to open your eyes.


It is not that hard folks, all machines have counters/meters, divide that by how many months you have your machine, it is as simple as that!!



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February 16, 2014


Spring Ahead Sale, sorry, being on Long Island this Winter has me going crazy so…. I can not wait for Spring and we will start early!!!! BIG SPRING SALE GOING ON NOW! ALL COPIERS IN STOCK REDUCED!!!!!!!!!


Customers that want to be technicians and save money

January 24, 2014

Customers that want to be technicians and save money.

Customers that want to be technicians and save money

January 24, 2014


It sometimes ta…

January 9, 2014

It sometimes takes weeks for my copier service provider to return with a part they ordered for the machine

Wow, I have not heard this in years! I mean, we live in an age where business can not afford to be sloppy and to be prompt is everything now a days…. We picked up a customer yesterday who has four machines, two Kyocera/Copystar copiers and a few HP laserjet printers. How could a copier service company on long island neglect this? I guess the company got too big? I guess some companies wont pay any attention to you unless you have 20 machines or more? I am very shocked by this but heck, we picked up a new customer who paid, right on the spot! They are also considering upgrading the Copystar cs5050 to a new copystar cs5500!.

Just like the big box stores like Home Depot, you can go there, go in there, find stuff…. but good look being taken care of like you would get at a small local hardware store. PJD Business machines is like that small local hardware store. You like fast reliable and knowledgeable technicians?  give us a try, what do you have to lose unless like like waiting two weeks or more for parts.

PJD Business Machines would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

December 22, 2013

PJD Business Machines would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Long Island Copier Service dot com

December 19, 2013

Long Island Copier Service dot com.

Why buy a used copier when I can buy new?

December 18, 2013

Why buy a used copier when I can buy new?.

Copier & laser printer Companies that service brands A to Z?

December 14, 2013

Copier & laser printer Companies that service brands A to Z?

A jack of all trades and a master of none…. This is what I was taught at a young age.

What does this have to do in the office equipment world?
A company who claims that they service printers or copiers from A to Z, this is a company that DOES NOT specialize in any brand. This company can not have the parts inventory, the service manuals, the certifications to properly diagnose all machines. This is physically impossible and I have seen these operations, they even have storefronts. These operations never have critical parts on hand, everything would have to be ordered, which means, YOU & your business will be down for more than a few days. PJD Business Machines specializes in a few brands, which means if you need a critical part, such as a drum unit or fuser unit or laser unit… you will have it the same day!! Think about it! How can a company who who sells and services A to Z facilitate all the parts necessary to keep machines from A to Z????

We have been around for over 20 years, we are honest and upfront, let us take care of your equipment, you will not be disappointment.

Use your instinct when shopping on line, let us help you

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?

December 10, 2013

Copier Service On Long Island

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?

Do you see that HP Laserjet printer in the photo? do you see that genuine HP 4250 maintenance kit box? That genuine maintenance kit gets replaced when your HP Laserjet hit around 200k-225k. HP sets this interval inside the printer so when it hits the 200k mark, a message will be displayed that says “Maintenance kit needs to be replaced”. This is done so it virtually eliminates any down time due to part failure, you see, all the parts in this kit are the consumable parts that normally wear out and cause printer issues like jamming or poor print quality. We stock these maintenance kits, we have them fresh and newly manufactured. These kits are not cheap, they cost US over $200.00.

So I bet your asking, why are you telling us this??? I just wanted to give you a little background on this before I go into our refurbished…

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