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Can you get me out of my lease?

December 26, 2014

I have often come across a customer asking me to get them out of a lease, this is a very difficult situation. Sneaky salesman will often try to “lock in” a customer into a 5 year lease, by doing this, they lock up that customer for five years and even if the company goes out of business, you are stuck with the lease payment. I have been doing this for 27 years, when you are in a lease and if your service provider goes out of business or if the machine fails miserably, you are still stuck with the lease.

Is there anyway to get out of the lease? Yes & No

The salesman can get you out of the lease by asking for a buyout from your leasing company, after the leasing company gives that amount, lets say $4500.00, the salesman will take that amount and add it into the cost of the new copier, he will then try and get you into another five year lease to reduce the monthly payment. You will pay dearly for this!

You have been reading my posts for a while now, you know what to expect, they’re  are so many customers still out there that get burned by the greedy salesman.

Never go into a five year lease, never!

If you are going to lease, it should be maximum of three years FMV (fair market value)

There is such thing as a dollar buy out lease, which means at the end of the three years, the machine can be bought for $1.00. I recommend this type lease only if you trust the selection of equipment selected by your current company. Remember, if it is a troublesome machine, you bought it. Only trust a technician who is a veteran in the business to make this selection. Salesman only sell, that is what they are good at and 95% of them only know the brochure and nothing regards to actual service history. Quite honest, most salesman are full of BS.

I would also only recommend a dollar buy out lease with a customer doing low to medium copy volume. If you do high volume, lets say 150k copies a year on a 30 cpm copier, then you should not do a dollar buyout. The reason is, in three years you will have at least 450k copies or better, that meter count is very close to what the copier life expectancy is. Remember, I am not a Snake oil salesman, I am telling you the facts coming from a veteran copier technician of 27 years.

Now, if your yearly volume is 60k, then yes! dollar buyout and keep the machine for 6 plus years!

My next blog will be about why it is important to take control of your lease and not leave it up the the salesman.

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Beware of the sneaky hidden tricks of leasing a copier for your office

June 22, 2012

Beware of the sneaky hidden tricks of leasing a copier for your office, Copier Salesman are desperate in this challenging economy.They will purposely not tell you when to send a letter of intent to the leasing company to trap you into another 3 yearsNow you are stuck with a company you really don’t like or a salesman you really don’t like, I will give you this tip and you thank me laterCustomers, you must find out your lease end date and send a letter of intent 90 to 120 prior to end date, you must send this certified mail!I have been in this business for over 25 years and I can honestly say, the copier salesman are lets say…. but it this way peopleThe people at PJD Business Machines who will sell you equipment, they can fix your machines as well, we do not sell snake oil hereI have to customers come to me this week with this issue, their salesman trapped them into a lease and threatened all sorts of fees ifThey did not continue leasing through them, restocking fees??? What the heck is restocking fees?? I have never heard of this in 26 years!!!!I rather give my customers sound advice and let them choose rather then a salesman ramming it down your throats. Just ask us, we will help.So your copier salesman is going to give you a deal, scary words to me, they are good at selling because that is all they do.

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