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It sometimes ta…

January 9, 2014

It sometimes takes weeks for my copier service provider to return with a part they ordered for the machine

Wow, I have not heard this in years! I mean, we live in an age where business can not afford to be sloppy and to be prompt is everything now a days…. We picked up a customer yesterday who has four machines, two Kyocera/Copystar copiers and a few HP laserjet printers. How could a copier service company on long island neglect this? I guess the company got too big? I guess some companies wont pay any attention to you unless you have 20 machines or more? I am very shocked by this but heck, we picked up a new customer who paid, right on the spot! They are also considering upgrading the Copystar cs5050 to a new copystar cs5500!.

Just like the big box stores like Home Depot, you can go there, go in there, find stuff…. but good look being taken care of like you would get at a small local hardware store. PJD Business machines is like that small local hardware store. You like fast reliable and knowledgeable technicians?  give us a try, what do you have to lose unless like like waiting two weeks or more for parts.

Hp Laserjet Printer Repair On Long Island

January 22, 2013

Hp Laserjet Printer Repair On Long Island

Long Island,Nassau & Suffolk County Hp Laser printer Sales/Service/supplies 516 785-3299

Expert Hewlett Packard trained Technicians will troubleshoot and repair your HP printer and bring it to factory standards in a very quick response time. Most jobs 98% are done at your location. The only time we bring your machine in is if is in need of internal drive issues or broken internal gears,in this case we like to bring it in our shop and totally dismantle the machine and properly clean it out with compressed air, when we are done it is like a new machine,every machine goes out of our shop cleaned inside and out.

With more than 24 years of experience,our technicians will solve your Hp Laserjet printer issue and have you back online and printing again. We have a big stock of HP parts including maintenance kits,hp lasejet feed rollers,hp laserjet fuser units,laserjet gears and boards.

We have back up Laser Jet printers if needed,we specialize in the following hp printers:

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