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To own or to lease a copier

September 29, 2017

Times are changing and so are the ways we proceed in purchasing office equipment.

Years ago, copy machines would last 12 to 15 years with no problems providing it was taken care of well. This is no longer the case, just like buying a dishwasher or refrigerator & televisions. Manufacturers are making them cheaper, lighter and more efficient, however, they are not made to survive 8 years without having more than enough issues.

Copiers will run great for the first 3 years, after three years and X amount of copies, things will start failing and five to seven years is the maximum lifespan of a copier.

So, with this being said, I recommend a 3 year FMV copier lease, the snake oil salesman will try to get you to take a five year lease, dont do it. Why would you want to be married to a machine for five years? or locked into a company for five years? what happens if the machine is terrible? what happens if the service stinks? I am hearing more and more that customers are waiting 3 to 5 days for service now!  because the large dealers cutback on technicians because they were too busy cutting the competitors out to get the sale, now they are jammed up when any surge of service calls come in.

Back to leasing, the salesman will win on 2 & 5 year leases, there is no real advantage for YOU to go this route, your best decision would be to go with a 3 year FMV lease that includes all but paper. It no longer pays to do $1.00 buy out leases, after the 3 years are up and if you buy it out for a dollar, you will be left with a pretty machine that probably will need a fuser unit $280.00 or a drum $375.00 and other parts like a PM kit, all this plus labor.

Please be careful that you read everything,  copier companies are getting desperate, after they cut their profits down to nothing just to survive, they are now looking for other niches to make up for this, so now they are charging for scans!

So this is my tip, do a 3 year lease and make sure it is a FMV lease (fair market value), after 3 years are up, release a new copier, make sure the copier company you are dealing with absorbs the cost of sending your old machine back, dont let them charge you as this should be included with the sale. If they leave you hanging with this, you could pay up to $450.00 to send the copier back!

More tips will be coming your way, please give us a call if you need a copier at a fair price and with excellent service.

We are looking for good customers who want a copier at a fair price and excellent service. We will not go into bidding wars with companies that will ultimately give you 3 to 5 days service.

We are Long Islands Copier Sales & Service Company

Phil @ PJD Business Machines



My company recently picked up a new customer…

August 18, 2012

They read my blogs and decided to give us a call, after some work on our part and getting the right information from them we did an audit of their copying, the results were astounding! They have several locations and all locations were getting billed for overages, folks, we are talking thousands of dollars here, one location if figuring the math was $4000.00 in overages after 3 years leasing!! This was just one location!!   The new sales tactic is similar to what Staples & the big box stores did in the past, remember? I mentioned it many times in the past in my blogs. If you kept up with my blogs and retained the information you would be ahead of the game.Now let me refresh you here, Staples strategy was to sell you a copier or MFP at cost, then making their money back when it came to supplies, remember I said this?? well, the Salesman took this to a new low and the Copier companies know full well whats going on and they are turning their back because of greed!

The salesman are now selling the machines at near cost, calculating the bare machine with get this, A VERY LOW monthly click so when you go over, YOU WILL, they bill you for overages,folks, this is costing businesses not hundreds but thousands of dollars during the course of the lease, trust me I have seen it over and over again. Its black & White and in contract right in front of you, you can not do anything about it once this is signed. You need an honest company to come in and figure out your yearly volume and set you up correctly with the right lease. If you do not listen to me, if you are not educated on this, you will be paying for overages and you will be giving away your money to the salesman and his company rather then in your own pocket. Visit us on the we: or call us at (516)785-3299, speak to Phil or Peter and get an honest evaluation of your copy audit.

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