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Why would you buy a HP MFP as your main source of copying???

March 29, 2012

Why would you buy a HP MFP as your main source of copying???I walked into a new customers account today, they were sold a medium sized HP MFP 5035 by their previous salesman and was unhappy with their CPC (cost per copy) well, again I ask, what did you expect? They sold you a 50 cpm machine that does it all but you did not figure out the cost of toner? Bad fiscal responsibility, My company sells 50cpm multi function machines that yield 500k on drums and rollers and 30k on toner, the toner cost $120.00 for 30,000 copiers, did you hear that? When the salesman takes out the calculator and starts bringing out the graph charts, look out! It is really quite simple here folks. I ended up selling this customer a Copystar cs520i, this is a real machine and gives you real cost per copy efficiency, to be quite honest, I cant even use his trade in machine as anything of value, the cost per copy is so high on that HP MF Copier that it would be counter productive to even use it as a loaner or a rental. Be very careful of the snake oil salesman folks! they are out there and are very hungry for new customers, we at PJD Business Machines, a true Long Island Service Company will only tell you the truth, we would rather turn down a sale, than to mislead you into buying a machine that wont benefit you and your bottom line. Visit out many pages on our website,, speak to Peter or Phil and we can come down to your office for a free evaluation and recommend the right machine for you. Remember, its the service after the sale!!!

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