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Damp copier paper cause jamming & CQ issues

July 23, 2013

Damp copier paper cause jamming & CQ issues

With the Summer months upon us, with high humidity comes issues with the paper you load in your machines, I can try to save you money here $$$, if all of a sudden, your copier or printer will not feed paper or it jams…. first thing you should do is take out the paper in the tray, put it aside and NEATLY open up a ream of fresh paper, I say NEATLY so after you take what you need, you can properly close the package up to ensure dampness keeps out! Now that you have the “fresh” paper in your hands, fan the paper out and install it into the machine and run a test. If she feeds fine then you know it was the paper. Remember that it only takes 15 minutes for humidity to set in. I have customer who call us on Monday morning and say the copier is jamming, I ask them if the ac is on and they tell me yes, I ask them was it turned down or off over the weekend and they say Uhmm, yes… well there you go.

Not only does damp paper/humidity cause jamming but it also causes copy quality issues, you will never get good solid black print with damp paper! it will appear spotty, washed out looking. A washed out copy is a very good indication that you have a paper issue, again, take paper out and install fresh paper from a package. Never take paper out of the package and pile it on the shelf, its just inviting troubles. Taking the proper steps in preventing paper issues will save you money and more important,will keep your equipment up for your business.

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