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Price shopping customers be aware…

March 14, 2013

We receive dozens a calls a week, internet surfers looking for price quotes, we tell them our prices right up front, we charge $105.00 to do a service all. Even if the call goes over an hour, we still charge the $105.00 for the call plus parts if needed.

What some companies may do to get into the door… They tell you over the phone that they charge $75.00, it sounds great until you see the final bill. In most cases the bill will be in the mid to higher 100’s. Like the salesman’s bait & hook we wrote about in another blog, this one is about service. When you call in for service, no matter what it is, fax machine, laser printer, copier, whatever, find out about the service fee and what it includes, ask the company what happens when the technician goes over the 1 hour mark, ask the company if they charge EXTRA if the machine needs a part and the tech has to come back to install it. Asked the company over the phone if they have some idea in what the problem can be so you have an idea what you are in for.

We are totally honest, we are upfront with our customers, if the machine is NOT worth the repair, we will state it over the phone and not waste ours or yours time & money.

We will not tell you that your machine needs unnecessary parts to build up the bill. There are a lot of companies out there folks, get references, be on top of the game and this will ensure a smooth transaction or…

You can just call us the first time!!

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