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Hp Laserjet Printer Repair On Long Island

January 22, 2013

Hp Laserjet Printer Repair On Long Island

Long Island,Nassau & Suffolk County Hp Laser printer Sales/Service/supplies 516 785-3299

Expert Hewlett Packard trained Technicians will troubleshoot and repair your HP printer and bring it to factory standards in a very quick response time. Most jobs 98% are done at your location. The only time we bring your machine in is if is in need of internal drive issues or broken internal gears,in this case we like to bring it in our shop and totally dismantle the machine and properly clean it out with compressed air, when we are done it is like a new machine,every machine goes out of our shop cleaned inside and out.

With more than 24 years of experience,our technicians will solve your Hp Laserjet printer issue and have you back online and printing again. We have a big stock of HP parts including maintenance kits,hp lasejet feed rollers,hp laserjet fuser units,laserjet gears and boards.

We have back up Laser Jet printers if needed,we specialize in the following hp printers:

More and more customers are choosing to fix up their older HP Printers…

April 28, 2012

I am amazed at all the HP LaserJet Printer work that’s coming in, this week has been the busiest with printers. I had one customer try to install his own feed rollers and ended up knocking off a bushing which was lost internally and dislocated the whole drive section. Customers need to understand that when a technician walks in, he not only replaces the part but he properly adjust and cleans & service the printer to factory specs. We also assure you will be receiving genuine parts and not knock offs or third party rollers that will fail prematurely. The money you spend on having a factory trained technician coming in and installing genuine parts is worth the service call!


Call us today and get your HP Laserjet Printer in tip top shape!!

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